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Works With Low Deposit

This Forex Robot has been designed to work with small initial deposit as little as $100 with Cent accounts, That means you must signed with a Cent account broker.

Grow Money With Us

We ensure 2000+ green pips every month with our Forex Robot, This is not a scalping robot. We use TP/SL on every Trade that You get a tight fund protection.

How It Works

The EA is able to analyze the market trends and has sense of taking/closing trade on right time.  It's connected with ForexFactory that its able to trade on High-Impact-News time as well.

Profit Hero Forex Robot 2016 is a developed version of Robot Software for Traders to make their trading life easier than before. This robot helps you to do your tasks automatically on a Virtual Machine which we’ll provide for 100% free of cost including our Software.

This is a Software which is downloadable and doesn’t require any physical shipping or anything to get started, All you need is the MT4 platform and the software interrogations to get started.


This is just killing man! Just getting awesome results…!!! Thank You Bro 😉


This product is awesome…Just a killer way to make your tasks easier. These guys provides awesome customer support which is really great.


I started Forex in January 2016, I’m a newbie and I found this product which was Really helpful! Till then I loved it to use.

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Enjamul Ahsan

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